Moraff's YourJongg is the first truly photo-based Jongg game. Tiles  are either portrait or landscape (tall or wide) just like real photographs. Now you can fully appreciate the photography that is used to create tilesets.

This great game has the following features:

1) Full 3D shaped tiles with real sides and carved tops.

2) Tiles cast shadows on lower tiles, makeing it easy to find free tiles.

3) Includes almost an hour of classical music!

4) Spectacular backgrounds, or use your own images (any file format)!

5) New high-score list, and new 3D-look stats screen, easy to read!

6) Allows reshuffling, hints, undo, bulk undo, always possible, etc!

7) Save games in progress, customize everything, save your choices.

8) Full-screen graphics with popup menu! Very user-friendly.

9) Real 32-bit code for Windows '95 and NT

I had ArtJong on my old site but left it off my current one. However, it still appears to be popular so it’s back! It is old (built for Windows® 95) but performs well under Windows® 7. This version has two new tile sets with my resent paintings and an extra tile set with my CD covers (plus the original). There is also an extra background with the cover from my Earth Mantra ( release, Golden Sun. The default is Rising Fog available from Dark Duck Records (

ArtJongg Sample Tilesets (rollover) Download ArtJong ArtJong.exe